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Caroline + Will's Black Balsam Engagement

Happy Tuesday everyone! Today I would love to share with you some stunning previews from an engagement session I had the pleasure of styling a couple of weeks ago with TWO amazing photographers... one of whom happened to be the bride-to-be! I have to say, as an Asheville makeup artist, I am so thrilled about the beautiful landscape that I get to send my clients off into – Black Balsam being a favorite!

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I "met" Caroline (of 704 Photography) a few months back over Instagram when she reached out to me about her upcoming engagement photo session and fall elopement. After our conversation, I went to stalk her page to try and get a sense of her style, but what I found was such beautiful body of work, and I was hooked! What can I say? I just have a thing for insanely talented people!

When I finally met Caroline IRL on the day of her engagement session, it was like we had known each other forever! She is just so darling and adorable and down-to-earth... and of course I can't forget about her fiancé, Will, who was the best too! (Seriously going to steal them for double dates.) We chatted as I dolled her up and she told me all about their love story, which was straight out of a country song. Cute neighbor boy grows up and drives by her mama's window on his tractor one day lookin' fine. Mama alerts daughter that neighbor boy has turned into a neighbor man. Girl and boy fall in love, life challenges them, love prevails. Pure country music gold! 

Will was nervous about the southern heat on the day of their shoot since their first attempt at engagement photos was scheduled in the spring. While the temps would've been more mild, it was rained out. So all Sweet Caroline could do was pray for no rain and moderate heat on this day.

As they hiked up Black Balsam trail, the winds picked up, and the temperature cooled. Soon they found themselves swirling in 40 miles-per-hour winds, and 50 degree temps at the top of the knob. Their incredible photographer, Amanda Sutton, used the unusual weather to capture the most stunning and unique photos. I especially love the movement she captured in Caroline's dress. It all looks so moody and enchanted all at the same time. A statement piece indeed!

Browse the gallery below and scroll down for key makeup mentions. Let me know what you think, and if a mountaintop session is on your bucket list!

Makeup Notes:

  • Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua Foundation
  • Soleil Tan de Chanel 
  • Tom Ford Cream and Powder Eye Color in Golden Peach
  • Mac "Cork" eyeshadow
  • Glossier Cloud Paint in Haze
  • Kiss Blowout Lashes in Pageboy

Hair Notes:

  • T3 Whirl Convertible Iron 1.5-inch
  • GHD Classic Styler 1-inch straightening iron (alternate with T3 wand for texture + dimension)
  • Kenra #25 Hairspray
  • Big Sexy Hair Dry Shampoo

Kyra + Bryce Styled Shoot

Happy Happy Monday everyone! If you follow me on instagram then you have probably seen a teaser from this styled shoot I worked on a few weeks ago in collaboration with some ahhmazing fellow Asheville creatives. I got the full album on Friday, and seriously cried a little when I opened it up. I am going to take a little departure from solely talking shop so that I can highlight these amazing folks, so if you're here for just the makeup, keep scrolling to the  bottom to find my product spotlight.  I am so excited to share these amazing images with you all, but first, let me introduce all of the incredible people who made this shoot happen!

First, let me shout out Belle Crouse of Wedding Belles NC who coordinated this whole thing. She is an amazing, super detail-oriented planner and future venue owner here in Asheville, and she was the main brain behind this operation. From selecting our models to lining up all of the vendors, to mood-boarding and inspo, she handled all of the finer details of taking concept to reality. 

Next is our gorgeous IRL couple, Kyra (who was simply a DREAM to make up) and Bryce. Not only did they do a fabulous job modeling, but they also hiked up a dang mountain in wedding attire to make it happen! (Stay tuned for some makeup highlights at the end.)

And speaking of wedding attire! Can I just take a moment to gush over this amazing convertible gown from Charles Josef?! This gown can be worn long for the ceremony, and then converted to short for dancing the night away!

Asheville hair and makeup, Charles Josef bridal, convertible wedding dress.jpg

Next up, we have the most gorgeous florals from Hannah at Fern and Flora Studio in Hendersonville. I just love her bohemian approach. For the shoot, she crafted the dreamiest bouquet filled with peonies, kangaroo paw, wax flower, lilies, fern, and foraged greens from her garden; all hand-tied with pink and gold velvet ribbon. Oh, and let's not forget about that beautiful and understated floral crown!


And last, but certainly not least, was our insanely talented photographer, Briana Autran. Like me, she is a recent transplant to Asheville. She is in the process of transporting her already thriving Michigan business to Western North Carolina. I seriously wasn't even kidding when I said that a big old ball of tears welled up in my throat when I opened the gallery and saw the images from this shoot. Here is my two cents on photography: with how accessible semi-professional camera equipment has become to the masses, it's "easy" for anyone to take a pretty good photo these days. But there is so much more to photography than just capturing a properly exposed and focused image. As you look through this gallery, and the images on Briana's site, you will see that, yes, her images are beautiful; but more importantly, she is able to capture the subtleties of that emotional moment. For this reason, she is sought-after for elopements and intimate weddings.  

Ok, ok. Enough gushing already! I am so pleased and honored to share the rest of the images from this shoot. Let me know in the comments which image is your favorite!

OH! And keep scrolling for some of the stand-out makeup products I used to create this look!

Makeup Spotlight

  • Face Atelier Ultra Pro Foundation
  • Tom Ford Cream and Powder Eye Color in Golden Peach 
  • Glossier Cloud Paint in Haze on cheeks and lips 
  • Fenty Beauty Matchstick in Yacht Lyfe

Feminine Rock Chic with Ivy Hawkins

Ya'll! Can we talk about my new favorite look from a recent photoshoot that I did? But first, to give some context to my excitement, let me just share that as a makeup artist working in live television, the opportunity for creativity is pretty limited. It is important not to detract from the content. Clean and beautiful, but non-distracting looks are my staple in live TV. 

Moving to Asheville–while it has definitely challenged me to redefine my career–has provided me the opportunity to collaborate with some incredibly talented photographers and models, and to step out of my creative comfort zone.

Clean Beauty is still my all time favorite style, but with amazing brands like Glossier (click for 10% off your order) making their way to the forefront, it is easier than ever to create a look with exquisite washes of color that somehow simultaneously create that pop, yet melt into the skin for a natural, beautiful effect. 

I was inspired to do this look after I received my latest order from Glossier. I took a major step out of my comfort zone ordering their Lidstar Liquid Eyeshadow in Lily. Being the queen of all things bronze, brown, and neutral, I was equal parts excited and terrified when I swatched that gorgeous, cool, lilac eyeshadow across the back of my hand. I knew that if ever there were a product that was going to get me out of my Golden Goddess rut, it would be this one.  

The wonderful thing about Glossier's Lidstar is that it provides the most luxurious, not-too-shimmery, yet sophisticated sheen while being completely transfer proof. Yet also it is a buildable product, which means if you are someone who is afraid to use color, you can safely dip your toe into this realm of playfulness, while not fully committing to it being the entire look (e.g. Kim K.'s previously trending Bright Blue Smokey Eye). 

Let's talk through some of the finer points of creating this look.

For the eyes, I started with just a wash of Lily Lidstar, and took a moment to process it. I added some definition to the crease with a warm neutral from the Natasha Denona Tropic Palette (which I purchased for the amazing bold shades in the bottom row, but have yet to venture into). I took care not to over-blend the crease and risk losing that beautiful Lily shade. I really had to force myself to put down the blending brush before muddying the look. My model, Ivy, has beautiful natural lashes, and with her edgy up-style, I wanted to keep the look soft but still a bit rock and roll. I skipped eyeliner so as not to overdo it, and also to reserve as much lid space for that Lily to peek through! I curled the lashes, and used my Bdellium Tools Bent Fan Lash Brush (#730) to apply a hearty coat of mascara to the tops and bottoms of her lashes. I wiggled the brush at the base of her lash line almost creating a tight-line effect (side note, this brush has totally changed my game... more to come on that later). I brushed her brows up, and filled in the gaps lightly with an IT Cosmetics Universal Brow Pencil. I combed through her brows using Glossier's Boy Brow in Blonde, and left them combed up and just a bit messy as they set in place.

After stepping away to process the look, I decided to add another layer of Lily across Ivy's mobile lid (the part of the lid between the lashes and crease) in order to intensify the color. I then moved on to perfecting her skin before deciding on her lip color (products listed below). With her skin complete, and eyes beautiful, feminine, and soft, I decided to take another leap from my comfort zone. I paired the eye look with a bold and bright red lip to bring back that element of rock and roll I wanted to tie it all together. I chose Carina's Love from my gorgeous, rose gilded collection of Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks.

While I'm happy to talk shop all day–and you're welcome to find me in the comments section–I'm equally proud to share the final result. While Lily might have translated with more subtlety than I've described in these photos, I assure you it was magnificent in person. 

What do you think of this look? Ready to try rocking Glossier Lily yourself? Let me know in the comments.


Hair + Makeup: Emily Radin | Photography: Alina Kolberg | Model: Ivy Hawkins

Product breakdown:

  • RCMA foundation
  • Nars Creamy Radiant Concealer
  • Tom Ford Shade and Illuminate 
  • Glossier Cloud Paint in Dusk
  • MAC Invisible Set Powder
  • Natasha Deanna Tropic Palette
  • Glossier Lidstar in Lily 
  • MAC Haute & Naughty mascara
  • Glossier Boy Brow in Blonde 
  • Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips in Carina's Love